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Our goal is to make sure you make the right choice. Navigating the many types of packaging or office products is not easy, which is why we offer free advice.

The financial and time losses in experimentation and trials are unnecessary, we will help you to choose and define your demand objectively. Especially with packaging materials, it is important to know the technical specification, the environment and other factors so that we can effectively eliminate losses.

We are experts in the packaging materials segment and our team of dedicated, trained colleagues in the technical support department will convince you of this. We have an impeccable overview of new and cost-effective products and are happy to share these facts with you. We are dedicated to the design and development of specific packaging and can already tailor the development itself to your needs. The development of customized packaging materials is therefore no problem for us. If you encounter any complications or have any questions arising during the implementation of the packaging system, you can contact us at any time.


Can you calculate the weight you need for packaging? You just need to know the width, length and thickness of the material and enter these data into our CHICKSHEET, which can be used to calculate the weights of packaging such as: stretch film, shrink film, adhesive tape, various LDPE bags or pouches.

W x D x H x 0.92 / 1000 = weight in grams

Note: indicating parameters as follows
– width and length in millimetres – thickness in millimetres ( e.g. 40 microns = 0.04)
– 0,92 is a fixed number – areal density of the film


calculation of the weight of 1 meter of stretch film

We have a 23 mic stretch film (50 cm width ) and we want to check the weight of one meter by calculation (on the basis of which we can calculate the weight of the roll, the roll of meters .. )

The formula will then look like this:
500 x 1000 x 0.023 x 0.92 / 1000 = 10.6 g

Thanks to this formula we have in our hands a powerful tool to control any material supply, but also a verification „patent“ when evaluating e.g. quotations, etc..

At the end, a TABLE, which will surely come in handy:

Adhesive tape 48x66m = 146 g
Stretch film 23 mic, 1m = 10,6g
Stretch film 20 mic, 1m = 9,2g
Stretch film 17 mic, 1m = 7,8g
Stretch film 15 mic, 1m = 6,9g
Stretch film 12 mic, 1m = 5,5g