Palletizing foils

Palletising films and bags

These films are used to protect and
fix goods on the pallet during storage and
transport. From an ecological point of view, they are
palletising films are 100% non-hazardous

Stretch hood

The film is produced by blowing PE from a self-shrinking three-layer coextruded film. No heat heating is required during the palletising process. Due to its elastic behaviour and shape memory, the film returns to its previous state before stretching, thus fixing the goods firmly on the pallet. Characteristic features of the film are high strength and ductility, high clarity and gloss. Its use brings considerable energy savings


Primary x recyclate – bags can be produced from primary (meeting strict hygiene conditions) and recyclate as required.

Full surface microperforation – bags can be produced with full surface microperforation. This treatment is suitable for packaging goods that need to get rid of excess moisture or, on the contrary, need a constant supply of moisture.

Antistatic – the bags contain an antistatic agent which deprives them of excess electrostatic charge.

Colour – the bags are supplied as standard in a transparent version, they can also be produced in other colours at the customer’s request. The degree of transparency of a given film depends on the percentage of added dye. Opaque bags can be produced from a thickness of 30 my.

Printing – bags can be printed in single or multiple colours (e.g. recycling signs, company logo, etc.).