Our company was established in 1992 with the intention of supplying packaging materials, office supplies, stationery, drugstore, cleaning products and complementary goods comprehensively, quickly and efficiently. Through hard work and refinement of our logistics processes, we have developed into a leader in packaging materials.

Drotex’s portfolio includes almost all types of packaging materials, especially NANO stretch films, in which we are a top expert. Thanks to our wide range of office supplies, drugstore and cleaning supplies, protective clothing and work equipment, we can deliver on time, without long waiting times.

Our own logistics park and daily deliveries allow us to supply our business partners directly, even within 24 hours. We provide technical advice, which is welcomed by anyone who needs help with the correct selection of specific packaging types depending on the environment and working conditions.


Drotex became part of the TICHELMANN SK network in 2016. It is a network of manufacturers of packaging materials and accessories. By bringing together the strongest players in the packaging market segment, we become an attractive partner for the customer who can cover and solve all requirements regarding packaging, consumption of packaging material, office equipment or PPE.