Tying tapes and buckles

Our range of accessories

  • Binding tapes PP – POLYPROPYLENE
  • Binding tapes and staples – Drotex
  • Binding tapes PET – POLYESTER
  • Binding tapes PES – POLYESTER -TEXTILE
  • Steel tapes
  • Sheet clips for PP and PET
  • Sheet clips for steel tapes (closed)
  • Phosphate and galvanised wire clips for PP and PES
  • Plastic clips – self-locking for PP
  • Protective plastic corners
  • Hand strapping machines for PP and PET tapes
  • Hand strapping machines for steel strapping tapes
  • Tensioners for PES and PP tapes
  • Cordless manual strapping machine for PP and PET
  • Tape unwinders for PP, PET, steel, PES